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Contact me below through social media, or send a message using the form.

Let me know which spread package is right for you! All readings receive an email explanation as well as photographs of the spreads.

1 Card pulls about your situation (with or without a question): $5

4 card spreads (Situation, Challenge, Advice, Outcome) with email reading ā€” $40

Option A or B reading: Usually about 7 cards to help you decide between to options, and to tell you what you might expect from either option, and what the deciding factor should be, or what might be important to consider — $70

Celtic Cross (10 card spreads + advice cards and oracle cards) email reading ā€” $100

Or buy a TAROT READING COUPON for a friend!

Most Spreads work best if I have a question to go with, but I can do a general reading about life 3 months ahead, or common topics like Love, Career, Finances, etc. But a good question will make it more helpful to you.

Contact me below with one question, if you have one, your email and name. I will request payment from Paypal (as and after I receive payment, I get to work on your question, and give you an email reading (usually 300-500 words) within 48-72 hours (often faster, depending on the wait.)

Contact me below using the Handy Fill-in slots!

Please read FAQs for best questions to ask, and my disclaimer.

Thank you! I look forward to helping you find clarity!

Tarot Coupons!

What about buying a Tarot Reading for a friend? Yes, you can do that! You buy a Free Tarot Reading coupon and I’ll send them this coupon through email (with a specific number on it–at the bottom) for them to redeem for a free tarot reading. (The real coupon will also specify the type of reading you bought and your name–if you want to reveal yourself).

They make great gifts and are redeemable anytime!

Give the gift of clarity through a Tarot Reading session to your friends today!

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“Yukon Cornelius and Bumble getting a Tarot Reading from the Frog People of Ohio,” 36 x 48, acrylic. Jerome Stueart


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