Tarot Readings

4 card spreads with email reading — $25

4 card spreads with video reading — $30

Celtic Cross (10 card spreads) email reading — $70

Celtic Cross with video reading — $75

I don’t read live right now, but I will send you either an email or video reading, depending on your preferences. I will send it as an MP4 (or link you to a Google Drive).

Celtic Cross Spreads work best if I have a question to go with, but I can do a general reading. It will be more specific, and therefore more helpful to you, if I know what you are concerned about.

So, contact me with a question, your email and name. I will request payment from Paypal until I can get an easy paypal button here.

Then, after I receive payment, I get to work on your question, and give you an email reading (usually 200-300 words) within 48 hours (often faster, depending on the wait.) Right now I don’t have a schedule like Acuity, but I will soon.

Please read FAQs for best questions to ask, and my disclaimer.

Thank you!

I look forward to helping you find clarity!

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