Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of question should I ask?

Yes/No questions are not the best questions to ask. We could make some arbitrary rule to make reversed cards be no and upright cards to be yes, but the cards were made to explore reasons, emotions, context, motivations, and decision making. They have more potential if we know what to ask.

So, the best kind of questions to ask are ones that leave a lot of room for that interpretation.

Consider turning “Will X be interested in me?” into “What is the best way to approach X for a possible relationship?”

Consider turning “Will I get this job?” with “What do I need to do in order to get this job?”

Other questions might be phrased like this:

“What do I need to know about X (a person, a job, a situation, a place, etc.)?”

“What do I still need to learn before X happens?” or “What would help me prepare for X?”

“How can I improve my chances of getting X?”

“What is the situation with my house hunting?”

“I have three choices of X to make–what should I know about them?” ( three places you are considering moving, three jobs, three people, etc. For this kind of question, make sure there are more than one of the same thing you are choosing between. Although, I can see a question framed— What should i know about these choices: between this job or my boyfriend? LOL )

“What should I expect if I choose X?”

“How can I attract the kind of person I want or need?”

“What lessons should I be focusing on learning right now in my life?”

“What’s the best way to work with X in my life?” (a person you work with, or a family member or friend).

Questions do best when they are focused on YOU and your ability to affect a situation or a person. You’re the one asking the question.

I can do a general reading with a Celtic Cross Reading, but it usually helps, even there, if we have a question to focus on.

Disclaimer: Of course, this reading is not to be considered legal, financial, or medical advice. It is for entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your own choices and you are asking for an opinion and are seeking clarity on a situation. You may ask me the question, but the choices, and the future, is up to you. The future is fluid, and what you may learn are possible outcomes of things you are thinking of doing–but what happens when you know something might happen? You plan for it, or you change course, or you make different decisions. The future is not set. It is the product of our choices and the choices of others. You change your future.

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