Tarot Pairings: 8 of Cups + 6 of Cups

I am fascinated by tarot card combinations. There are a few sites I could find online that teach us what to look for in a pairing, but few that tell us what paired cards might say together–accounting for both reversals and the order in which they appear. Some sites have them, maybe, but are behindContinue reading “Tarot Pairings: 8 of Cups + 6 of Cups”

Tarot for Creators: Sept 21-27

On my Youtube channel as Big Bear Tarot I started a weekly series called “Tarot for Creators.” I figured we had tarot readings for love, for career, but many of us creators spend most of our time creating something —— and that take a lot of energy. What kinds of energies do creators work with?Continue reading “Tarot for Creators: Sept 21-27”


I’m not the only one who is grieving the loss of this titan of Justice. When I heard the news Friday, my stomach and my hope sunk. I could feel Trump and his cronies laughing and rubbing their hands together, and I felt like we were doomed. RBG fought for marginalized peoples, especially women, workers,Continue reading “Justice”

The Fool

This man is no fool. He’s opted for the magical portal door out of 2020 and into a magical garden. His dog points him in the right direction! He’s traveling light. Nothing but a backpack. Whatever awaits him will be a fabulous new adventure! What this Card Means: when you draw the Fool card inContinue reading “The Fool”

Creating a Big Bear Tarot Deck!

Come on a journey with me as I create a deck of Tarot! I’m creating a tarot deck—as a way to learn the tarot deck. I think drawing or creating a deck forces you to figure out what each card is about, and what part of the visual image is important to you as aContinue reading “Creating a Big Bear Tarot Deck!”

A Tale of Two Mothers, Part 1

This is a post about my Birthmom, and Part 2 will be about my Mom. I am adopted. One woman gave me life, one woman raised me and gave me belief, and then the first one came back and gave me a very wild ride. Now I have both of them in my life andContinue reading “A Tale of Two Mothers, Part 1”

The Math of Tarot, Part 1

This is me playing with Math and the Tarot. We count so many things on Tarot cards–the numbers play a role, the order plays a role, so I wondered if the visual presentation played a role. Specifically I was looking at groups of the element in question: how were the swords, pentacles, cups, wands GROUPEDContinue reading “The Math of Tarot, Part 1”

The Bear Magician, and the Little Magicians in All of Us

The Magician card, and its call to mastery and transformation. I needed an icon, a logo, for this site. I decided to sketch out my own… a Bear Magician Card. It seemed appropriate. I’m a Bear and I love the Magician card. Bears are hairy gay fat men, usually…. they are a subculture of LGBTQContinue reading “The Bear Magician, and the Little Magicians in All of Us”