Welcome to Big Bear Tarot

Have you ever wanted to understand a situation better?

What kinds of possibilities are coming up for you in the future?

What should you know about that job, that person, that location?

Which choice would make you happier?

Why do you feel stuck?

These are questions a tarot reading can help with. Come browse my site and see if a reading might be right for you!

Queer friends, you are safe here. If you are LGBTQIAA, or feel you are on the queer spectrum, or in a kink or polycule family, this big bear has your back. Your life will be treated with dignity, pronouns respected, relationships celebrated.

Unabashedly Queer on this site myself. I am a gay Bear, and very body positive and sex positive and a spiritual person. You’ll see lots of things that affirm that gay Bear part of me. I show that because honesty and vulnerability are a part of seeking answers. We have to be honest with ourselves, and vulnerable to ourselves and others in order to understand ourselves and others, to see ourselves clearly, and to change our methods, our goals, our way of seeing, if necessary. So, I am honest, vulnerable, and open with you.

While this site may scream QUEER, I welcome anyone who wants to let me do a reading for them.

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