Tarot Pairings: 8 of Cups + 6 of Cups

I am fascinated by tarot card combinations. There are a few sites I could find online that teach us what to look for in a pairing, but few that tell us what paired cards might say together–accounting for both reversals and the order in which they appear. Some sites have them, maybe, but are behind paywalls. Some are just key words. I wanted to do my own study. If these help you, I’m thrilled. Below you will see that I do 8 positions out of the 2 cards–so that we cover all the reverses and the order in which the cards came out. Seek out the order and reversal status that you need below. Every day, I will post a new one…. so you can use these as cards of the day if you like.

Tarot Pairs: 8 of Cups + 6 of Cups

The cards:

8 of Cups typically refers to someone leaving something that isn’t fulfilling and going on a journey to find their passion, that Wish of the 9 of Cups.

6 of Cups: the past, nostalgia, Innocence, romance, friendship, people feel secure and safe here.

Together upright (8 + 6)one could be leaving what isn’t satisfying and returning home, or returning to a place where they used to live, a more simpler time or place. It could be the set up to the classic “you can’t go home again” but oh they are. One could be doing this in their mind too. Not attentive to the present so much that their mind is focused on the past. On something they lost that they want to find again.

(6 + 8) your hometown was not really what you wanted so you left. Your romance wasn’t enough so you leave to find something more substantial. Perhaps someone is too immature and you are leaving them to find something more mature. You may realize that something in the past wasn’t worth it (an argument, a relationship, your naivete about your life or town) and you are letting it go.

Reversals: (r8 + 6) you are stuck in a small town, stuck in a sweet romance (not what you want), or you go back to someone you left because you realize how amazing and loving they were. You go back to a town or a job because you realize that you were wrong to leave it, or that it has meaning for you, or that it has a charm. With the 6 as the second card, the end result is usually sweet. You have unfinished business with a childhood friend. You are seeking something from your past to understand it or make amends or forgive it or someone.

(8 + r6) you left someplace or someone but you can’t stop thinking about them or about what they did or you can’t really move forward. The past still has a hold on you. You left for something better but you are fooled into thinking the past was better than now. You left someone and you are not interested in forgiving them. You moved and don’t feel safe in the new place. The new place isn’t friendly.

(r8 + r6) you can’t leave the past behind. You can’t escape an immature relationship. You choose to stay someplace because it is familiar you won’t leave because you can’t see that things have changed. You see someone as they were and not how they are. You physically can’t leave a place because of an outside circumstance and you are forced to remain in old family drama. You purposely return to a place to find closure in the past. You have time traveled to the past to repair something that went wrong.

(r6 + r8) some similarities to the double reverses above. You are trapped in past thinking and won’t move forward. Things have gotten worse according to you in the world and you are trapped in a Cracker Barrell gift shop of past memorabilia. Sudden moment of realization snaps you out of past thinking and into the present moment where you must finish a task before you can leave. Overwhelming nostalgia keeps you rooted in place.

(r6 + 8) your cloying home town makes you escape. You finally leave after being trapped in a bad romance (cue Lady Gaga). Realizing you can do better, you move.

(6 + r8) you are so damn happy in this blissful romantic place that you never want to leave. You feel secure and safe here and don’t want to travel or move. The friends you have now you will never abandon. “I’m staying where I’m at, fellas. Dolly, I’ll never go away again.” You are confined in a place you already like (Capt Pike in “The Cage”, eventually).

Tarot for Creators: Sept 21-27

On my Youtube channel as Big Bear Tarot I started a weekly series called “Tarot for Creators.” I figured we had tarot readings for love, for career, but many of us creators spend most of our time creating something —— and that take a lot of energy. What kinds of energies do creators work with?

Creators are performers, painters, sculptors, architects, craftspeople, writers, actors, film makers and all those associated with film, musicians, speechmakers, artists, —-anything that is turned into something for enjoyment or entertainment or is decorative or useful, or decoratively useful. If you are part of creating something that was not there before, you are a creator.

Creation energies! Part Magician, High Priestess, 8 of Pentacles—yes, but also all the Pages, all the court cards… all the Aces… hell, most of the Wands! The cards can be read in a way that is directly for creators!

So here’s my first video. Be kind. LOL.

Cards drawn for the week of September 21-27:

(reversed) Two of Cups

The Sun

(reversed) 5 of Swords

Summary: The energies are good for creating.

The Two of Cups reminds us to do work that WE love, not just following what we think might be popular. Creating from a place of love, creating things YOU love, often translates to things others will love. Do the work that is meaningful to you in these dark, weird, chaotic days.

The Sun has two interpretations, I think, for creators. It tells us that energies are AWESOME to create with–and that we will have success, and that the sun is shining on our work. It reminds us to let our inner child out to play when creating–what would the child love? But also, I think about the impact our work has on others. These are depressing, angry, worrisome times to many. People are looking for hope and something positive. They are looking for joy. They are looking for The Sun card in their own life. Is there a way to create with the Sun embedded in your work somehow? Can your work bring a little joy? I’ve recently heard that publishers of short fiction are inundated with work that is virus-related, Covid-haunted, lockdown-induced–and depressing. They are aching for something positive, lighter, more joyful? Now, I know that may not be your thing—some artists do horror–but can you make us laugh too? I’m not talking about injecting a false sense of positivity, a toxic positivity in your work. Nope. We don’t need to deny our need to vent, our need to be angry right now, or our natural response of despair and sadness. But can you do something this week to spread a little joy AS a creator? If you don’t want to create joyful creations, can you make a video telling why you like scaring the fuck out of people! Just seeing the joy on your face, might be enough. Glee. Fun. Being a creator allows us the chance to escape into a world where we are completely in control of the creation (or completely in control of allowing it–the energies–to take control).

When I heard about RBG’s passing, I was hit hard (like many) but I found solace in creating her as a Justice card. I was able to leave this world, a little, and create something that brought me joy, and brought others joy. Can you explore that ability as a creator to live inside the energies, the creative pulse?

Lastly, the reversed 5 of Swords is about making amends, about reconciliation after a battle. As creators there’s a lot of drama in our chosen fields—people are always causing drama, and if you are on social media, it’s easy to get drawn into it. Can you escape that for awhile–find a way to let it go, to let the fighting end (for you)? Can you be a peacemaker with a collaborator or fellow artist that you’ve had disagreements with? Can you acknowledge that while the issues you have might be important, that surviving this pandemic and recovering from it are even more important, and we can only do this together? This may apply politically. I’m a huge fan of AOC and Friday she talked about hope in the wake of RBG’s death, about putting aside political differences with centrists–for right now–agreeing that these differences, these issues, are important, agreeing that she will be fighting after the election to get those issues recognized by Centrists, but not using them as an excuse for not voting for the Dem candidate. We will not always agree–but we know that there are bigger issues to fight together on. As creators, can we mend some fences with others? Can we band together for a larger common good? Can we contribute to the forces that are trying to right the nation–even if it is just the start? I’ve included AOC’s speech here for context. Think about it as a creator. Maybe you don’t like Centrists, or don’t like Progressives, or don’t like Democrats—you know that there is some common ground as humans, as Americans. Find this common ground, this week.


I’m not the only one who is grieving the loss of this titan of Justice. When I heard the news Friday, my stomach and my hope sunk. I could feel Trump and his cronies laughing and rubbing their hands together, and I felt like we were doomed.

RBG fought for marginalized peoples, especially women, workers, unions, the disabled, queer people, people of color. Her dissents could be devastating shade. Her victories meant victories against oppression. I don’t what we would have done without her fighting on that court for so long. How many times did her argument help sway other judges? How many times was she able to pull centrist judges to the left?

Everyone thought of her when Trump became President. As if he was aiming for her…. a duel. A showdown.

For a long time, many of us have been thinking of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the last line of defense—the warrior that is holding back the floor, the army, the horror. As a people we tend to think that there are a few people stopping chaos from happening… and RBG had become iconic as the Final Warrior.

And when she died, we felt lost. Alone. As if she was the last true fighter.

She was not. There are many warriors fighting for us! I can name so many people in legislature and on the Supreme Court that are fighting for us! We can be those warriors too. But her loss does represent a battle and a fight for Justice that goes beyond the Court. It may go into the streets.

WHAT WENT INTO THE DESIGN: For me, as I was devastated Friday night, I drew this picture of RBG as my Justice card. Now, I know, I saw yesterday someone had done one in the Rider Waite style completely—-maybe a while back, maybe that night—-very skillfully, same kind of image, but looking as if done by the artist for that tarot deck. What I take from this is that she was many people’s idea of Justice, of fairness, of equity. She is Justice for many who have long felt justice denied. We will have more like her, no doubt.

When the Justice card appears in your reading, it is about Justice—about fairness, about equity, about getting the right ruling, a fair ruling from an impartial and honorable judge. Justice is never a bad card unless you have done something unfair yourself and then, it is a bit karmic.

Reversed the card can mean that you are receiving injustice, something unfair is happening to you. It can also mean that someone is doing illegal activities, or that you are making some poorly-thought out decisions and need to wait.

Right now, find the part of you that is Justice—and wants Justice in this world. Which part of you is RBG? Who are YOU fighting for? Who have you served in the public sphere, fighting for their rights? When you see Justice are you excited!? Do you say, YEAH!? Then Justice is a good card to see. If you are not excited to see Justice, real fair justice done, then ask yourself why? How can you be more just to others?

Cornel West said, “Never forget that Justice is what Love looks like in public.”

The Fool

This man is no fool. He’s opted for the magical portal door out of 2020 and into a magical garden. His dog points him in the right direction! He’s traveling light. Nothing but a backpack. Whatever awaits him will be a fabulous new adventure!

What this Card Means: when you draw the Fool card in a tarot reading, it usually indicates a new beginning, a fresh start! The Fool is ready to take on a new adventure and doesn’t bring a lot of expectations of past baggage into the next moment. He doesn’t worry either. He’s kinda oblivious. Some might say reckless. But for the Fool, it is important to remain open minded to what you might find in this new moment. Coming in with preconceived notions, expectations, a rigid set of what you will accept—these dont work in this situation. This card is asking you to go with the flow, to walk intuitively into the next situation, start the next adventure with a freedom and a flexibility.

I often think of the Fool as a traveler. When you travel, especially to a foreign country, you are not going to get the kinds of things you had back home. And that is a PLUS! But it can also be a bit of culture shock.

I went on a singing tour of Germany when I was in my early 20s with a group from my college, and everything was awesome for all 16 of us at first. But as the two weeks went on, we started dividing into two camps: those who were going with the flow and enjoying the adventure, and those who felt homesick and pushed back against the strangeness.

For that latter group, a German hotdog could be a statement against the US, with its hollowed out bread and the hotdog stuck through the top (almost like a corn dog). They refused to learn the language. They started becoming more American as we were there, wanting to sing the National Anthem everywhere. They complained about things Germans offered them, and formed a support group based around how much they felt like a foreigner. To them, the country was not accepting them as an American—and they couldn’t get American things, and so they were rejecting Germany as hard as they could. They saw any adaptation as a loss of their identity. Why should they change to accommodate others?

For others, like myself, we found ourselves learning German, tasting all the wonders of German cuisine, allowing ourselves to enjoy sandwiches for breakfast, and just ‘becoming German’ as much as we could to blend into the culture. We didn’t see it as a loss of our American identity—-we knew we were American—but we felt it important to enjoy the host country and live as Germans to understand them better.

THE FOOL is the energy of adaptation, of meeting a new situation and going with the flow, of being open to new experiences! He can also be interpreted as reckless, not really considering his actions, and there is a warning of looking before you leap—sometimes.

WHAT I CONSIDERED IN MAKING THIS CARD: I made this card in September of 2020, after 6 months of Covid isolation, during the fires in California, the pandemic, the collapse of trusted government offices and positions, and lots of feelings of powerlessness. I wanted a portal out of here.

My Fool is still poised like the Original Rider-Waite Fool, walking into a new situation, but he is purposely escaping one situation and walking into the unknown. He has incentive to leave. The original Fool? We don’t know if there were an inciting incident that causes him to leave his familiar surroundings, or be willing to walk off a cliff! But the card is usually interpreted positively. Beginnings! Free Spirit! Innocence!

I kept the overall stance of the Fool. His packing light mentality. In this card, he is unaware of his surrounding, but I gave my fool a keen awareness of what was around him so he didn’t miss this new opportunity—this door opening up. Because I see the Fool as opportunity! Take the leap! Does the man know where the door will go? no. Could it be worse than the flames and “dumpster fire” around him? Yes. But he is going to try it anyway.

I kept the little white dog—who in my case might be directing him TO the portal. In the older card, the dog is neutral, or might be trying to stop him. But I felt like if the little dog is a conscience that he would be pushing my Fool into the portal.

The card is peak 2020. But I think the themes are universal.

When it is reversed it can mean recklessness, taking a risk when you shouldn’t, or sometimes even stopping yourself from taking an opportunity because you have doubts. Upright, you are in the flow of the universe and it is taking you to new places. Reversed and you are fighting that flow—either jumping when you shouldn’t or holding back when you should take a leap of faith.

What does the FOOL card mean to you?

Creating a Big Bear Tarot Deck!

Come on a journey with me as I create a deck of Tarot!

I’m creating a tarot deck—as a way to learn the tarot deck. I think drawing or creating a deck forces you to figure out what each card is about, and what part of the visual image is important to you as a reader. What elements go? What does this card say to you?

The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed, produced a coloring book for folks to learn the deck, and I think that is awesome as well! You can really get to know the deck that way too. But Theresa also suggested we figure out, intuitively, what each card was saying to us—that there could be very personal meanings that came through a card. As a visual artist, I took that challenge seriously, and wanted to understand what each card meant to me… what meanings were being conveyed.

So, I’m building a deck! So far I have four cards, as you can see in this post… and I’ll be posting about each of them and what my design means to me. When I get all 78 done, I will have a comprehensive database of the cards, and their meanings, that can stay up on this site and help others too.

I am also thinking about publishing the deck once I’m finished. I don’t think I will be done with the complete deck before Christmas, but I’m going to try by Dec 31. There are 104 days left—so I could pull this off! When I get to 25 cards, I will start up a Kickstarter, because by then I will know the approximate creating time and how to publish a deck, what the costs are, and whether I’m committed all the way. At four cards, it’s too early to tell anything.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to help keep me on track, you can help by joining my Patreon. For as little as $1 a month you get to have all the designs of the cards mailed to your inbox, participate in polls, and be a part of the process! Also, at slightly higher levels there are Weekly 3-card pulls for Creators, meditations on art, access to more of my art (fairies, gardens, beefy satyrs all in pleasant flowers and pastoral landscapes), stories, buttons, stickers, cards. All of this keeps my bills paid too… but makes us a community, and that is priceless.


Things I want my deck to do: be queer friendly, be colorful, be body-size diverse, reflect a modern sensibility, be fun and be joyful!

Mostly though, even if I don’t publish the deck, I want to learn about the cards in this more intimate way. Creating a deck is an intuitive act—as you hope that you are channeling not only your desires as a card reader, but as someone who gets read, but also channeling some deeper unconscious ideas about what the deck needs to say to people. You are creating a deck for others too—and what symbols will you put in the cards that will speak to others?

So come with me on this journey as I create a Deck! Find out all the frustrations and the joys of re-interpreting the cards, designing them, making decisions about what to keep and what to throw out. How do you make a deck?

Now, on with the deck!

A Tale of Two Mothers, Part 1

This is a post about my Birthmom, and Part 2 will be about my Mom. I am adopted. One woman gave me life, one woman raised me and gave me belief, and then the first one came back and gave me a very wild ride. Now I have both of them in my life and they are wonderful. But they gave me very different things. Today, I will talk about Laurie, my Birthmom, the rune reader and artist.

This is Laurie when I first met her. Here she is standing outside of the library in Las Vegas, where she lived when I went to live with her in the summer of 2000. I was 31. We had just met on my birthday about six months before this picture. She hadn’t seen me for exactly 31 years.

She lived with Mary, who worked as a chef, pretty high up in the Station casinos. Mary’s station was Boulder Station Casino, and she was in charge of six restaurants, I think… maybe more.

At this time, I’m not sure if Laurie was a rune reader. She might have been. But she took me to the Luxor and we shopped for Egyptian gewgaws and went to the MGM and took our first photo together with a lion cub. I don’t know if they do that anymore. If people still stand behind a lion cub, with their hand on his rump, as they feed him milk from a bottle and then take the bottle away for a split second so they can snap the picture. And you are one milk bottle away from claws.

I can tell you about singing abilities or artistic talents you might have. I can tell you about yourself and the family I came from. —from her original note to me in the mail, that accidentally went to my folks in Texas.

We met dangerously in Las Vegas in 2000, and I stayed with her for a summer to try and get to know her and myself a bit better. I don’t know if I can tell her story here, but I know I had a great time meeting her and getting to know her over that summer. I have vowed to tell it later. It involves a lot of casinos, some gambling, a bathroom renovation, a lodge in the mountains, and a growing understanding of myself as part her.

She is full of adventure, and love, and we argue a lot because we are alike. She once sold her home to take us to Ireland on a once in a lifetime trip. We were both healing from broken relationships, and we had never been on a trip together in our lives, and Ireland turned into a place where we acted out all our hopes, our anger, our depression, and our desires to move forward with our lives. A lot can happen in two weeks.

Later, when Laurie lived with her Sister, Nancy, I got to know Nancy better. I affectionately called her Anti-Nancy because I was raised a good Christian kid and tarot cards were suspect! (the DEVIL! Evil Spirits!) and I was supposed to stay away from them, but here was such a cool person, I couldn’t believe the rumors! So, in fun, I called her the Anti-Nancy (like the Anti-Christ) and she laughed and we became friends, and she did her first reading for me in the summer of 2007.

They are a team. They go to psychic fairs together, reading tarot and runes. They still do readings (tarot-runes.com) and they have taught me a lot about how they live with Spirit in their lives, and how they can speak to people they have loved who have passed on. Both of them have lost a dear partner that they still hear from now and then. They have taken me to services at the famed Camp Chesterfield, a small village of Psychics and spiritualists, with educational programming, where they were known to frequent (it was not far from where they lived).

I was cautious about spiritualism at first, but gradually I came to understand that tarot and runes were a way for people to talk about what they wouldn’t talk about under other circumstances. The cards were prompts. Often, they were the prompts a person needed. They wanted to talk about something that was bothering them but didn’t know how to start. Often a card was a nudge. A nudge was just enough to start a client talking, working out a problem or issue, often with ideas that they already had thought of, but needed to verbalize. Not everyone needs a psychic, a reader, but sometimes we do… we need a stranger to prompt us to speak about places where we are hurting. We need someone to affirm us in the decisions we’d like to make but don’t feel are the “right” ones, the ones we are “supposed” to make.

I was surprised at how accurate Tarot and Runes could be. I am always slightly skeptical. I keep a fourth eye open just in case the other three are taken in–and I reserve the right to always say, “Wait a second…” But oddly enough the cards were right in Nancy’s hands, the runes in my Birthmom’s.

Today, I’m stepping into my birthmother’s legacy as a reader, my birthfamily’s legacy as readers, to help other people talk about what they need to talk out, to give advice, or to just listen as we use the cards to talk about work, about love, about hopes and mostly about family, the weirdness of family, the legacies of our parents, the strange love of our mothers.

PART 2 to come!

The Math of Tarot, Part 1

This is me playing with Math and the Tarot. We count so many things on Tarot cards–the numbers play a role, the order plays a role, so I wondered if the visual presentation played a role. Specifically I was looking at groups of the element in question: how were the swords, pentacles, cups, wands GROUPED in a picture and did that have a possible meaning?

Tarot readers are always looking for something new and interesting about tarot cards, ways to further interpret a card. I found something that I thought was interesting and wondered if it could change the way I interpret cards.

As a visual artist, I look at the composition of a painting to understand how a painter wants us to see the elements in the painting, how she may want us to associate the elements together, how he might want to say something by WHERE he has placed things. Where things are in a composition matters–it matters visually. It helps the eye know where to go. But it also sometimes matters narratively–helping the viewer make associations, make connections, speak subtly to the meaning in a painting. Groupings add tension, but talk about relationship too. How do the groupings of swords, pentacles, cups and wands speak to the nature of the card itself?

Take a look at the Six of Swords. It is a card about Peace, about moving away from choppy waters, to calmer waters, about transition to something more peaceful. The swords are in two major groupings visually on the card, (2) Swords and (4) Swords. If we think of that as the #2ofSwords and the #4of Swords inside of the 6 of Swords… we may understand the card differently. Is Peace made up of a Choice (2 of swords) to Rest (4 of Swords)? Is that what the card is saying visually? Is this Peace created through withdrawal from conflict? It does come after the 5 of Swords–a loss after a battle. Narratively it might make sense. However, whereas the 5 of Swords is about losing a battle you fought. Six of swords may be about a choice NOT to fight. Hmmmm.

Look at the Six of Wands–usually interpreted as Victory! Success! look at that laurel! We usually think of the 6 of Wands perhaps as naturally, and narratively, flowing from the 5 of Wands, some Victor from the challenge, or competition. But visually the Wands are grouped in three places– 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands and the Ace of Wands (carried by our Victor). Is Victory (6 of W) created through planning (2 of W) and calculated risk/expansion (3 of W) as well as holding tight to our original passion (Ace of Wands)? I don’t know. It could just be coincidence.

But look at the 7 of Wands (Challenge! or Defending Yourself!)–which yes, narratively follows a win. If you win, people are going to try and take it from you, or challenge you more. But visually the grouping of wands is 6 of Wands vs. a new Ace of Wands and we are meant to feel for the challenger, the lone new idea. Could Victory (6 of Wands) make us rigid, unwelcome to new ideas? Is it we, the Victors, who battle back new ideas, NOT about the mob coming after the Victor? Should success breed a laziness, a settledness, that considers a new Ace of Wands to be a challenger?

These are just some random thoughts about the Math of Tarot. I find composition fascinating and I wonder if it means anything. Maybe it meant something to you. I will look at three more cards in the next post, and see what we have! This Math of Tarot, this looking at groupings of elements, may not work for all the cards, but it’s fun to think about!

The Bear Magician, and the Little Magicians in All of Us

The Magician card, and its call to mastery and transformation.

I needed an icon, a logo, for this site. I decided to sketch out my own… a Bear Magician Card. It seemed appropriate. I’m a Bear and I love the Magician card.

Bears are hairy gay fat men, usually…. they are a subculture of LGBTQ folks, specifically gay men or those who identify as men, and they were created by all the people considered “not popular enough” to be friends with in the dominant popular gay group. Gays themeslves were outcasts from society, but found a way to have their own set of outcasts too, haha, and here we are. We created a group of folks like us— and we made it to be inclusive, so that anyone who had been rejected by the dominant group could hang out with us. This was the ideal. The Island of Misfit Toys! Often I feel that inclusiveness is still there. However, bears being humans, they have subsequently divided into subgroups too, and have their “popular” people and their outcasts… ah, human nature. But anyway, I digress.

The Magician card is one of my two favorite cards in the deck. I’m a Capricorn, so perhaps the Magician is my ideal self–the person who can get it all done because they have all the tools—the swords, pentacles, cups, wands. Wait, they have ONE of each–the Ace of Wands, Cups, Pentacles, Swords. But having four aces, and themselves being an Ace of Major Arcana (their number is 1 too), they hold all the potential for great things in one card. It is the show off card! The King of All Trades card. The Superman card. The Knock-em-Dead in your Interview Card!

My other favorite card is the 8 of Pentacles–the hard at work card–oh so Capricorn. But I find they go good together because of our belief that hard work brings success–and that you can’t really have success without the hard work. We all know that has mythic edges.

You can work hard and not be successful in a world where you don’t have privilege.

You can be successful without working hard in a world where you have privilege.

So the two don’t always go together, but it is a popular myth, a myth that drives us to succeed and drives us to work hard, in order to control our destiny. If Magicians come from the 8s of Pentacles then if we work hard we can have all the destiny control in our hands! Certainly we can strive for mastery of SOME things.

Though I don’t think it’s always a given–that we become a master of our trade, of our career, of our skills— I believe we should still strive to make ourselves better in some way–whether that is through Pages (their study and curiosity), or Knights (their drives, their actions!) or through ideas, material production, passion, or love– the cards give us a reason to keep going, to keep striving. Though no one may see it, we become little Magicians.

I’ve never heard of a card that says you need to give up on yourself… a card whose advice is to stop trying to work on yourself (or to not love yourself). (No, 4 of Swords is about taking a breather, a rest.) Tarot is built for self-reflection, self-actualization, self-determination, self-transformation. Tarot is trying to transform you if you can hear it. If you can walk into Tarot believing that you will come out better attuned to what you need, who you are, what you are striving for, and who you can become–then Tarot is a good tool for self-discovery.

No matter the route you take through the cards, Tarot is created to, ultimately, make Magicians of all of us.