The Bear Magician, and the Little Magicians in All of Us

The Magician card, and its call to mastery and transformation. I needed an icon, a logo, for this site. I decided to sketch out my own… a Bear Magician Card. It seemed appropriate. I’m a Bear and I love the Magician card. Bears are hairy gay fat men, usually…. they are a subculture of LGBTQContinue reading “The Bear Magician, and the Little Magicians in All of Us”

The Math of Tarot, Part 1

This is me playing with Math and the Tarot. We count so many things on Tarot cards–the numbers play a role, the order plays a role, so I wondered if the visual presentation played a role. Specifically I was looking at groups of the element in question: how were the swords, pentacles, cups, wands GROUPEDContinue reading “The Math of Tarot, Part 1”

A Tale of Two Mothers, Part 1

This is a post about my Birthmom, and Part 2 will be about my Mom. I am adopted. One woman gave me life, one woman raised me and gave me belief, and then the first one came back and gave me a very wild ride. Now I have both of them in my life andContinue reading “A Tale of Two Mothers, Part 1”