Yukon Cornelius meets the Mothmen, 36 x 48, acrylic.

You might have noticed the painting behind me in my photo, or paintings on the site. I painted them! The one above is acrylic, huge painting, as you can see. It is for sale on Squarespace along with all my originals, but it is also available on a lot of products through RedBubble.

I have many designs and paintings available. I did a whole series on Yukon Cornelius!

I also have been working on some smaller watercolors of bear fairies, satyrs, flowers, birds… Gardens of the Mythbegotten.

And I’ve begun designing my own tarot cards. Hope to finish them by Christmas!

If you are looking for mugs, tshirts, duvets, shower curtains, etc… and prints, feel free to check out my Redbubble site.

If you like my art and are interested in following me, there is always my Patreon where you can have my art sent right to your inbox, get 3 card readings in “Tarot for Creators” once a week, get art print cards sent to your address or commission new work. And many more perks! Come visit if you like.

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