Tarot for Creators: Sept 21-27

On my Youtube channel as Big Bear Tarot I started a weekly series called “Tarot for Creators.” I figured we had tarot readings for love, for career, but many of us creators spend most of our time creating something —— and that take a lot of energy. What kinds of energies do creators work with?

Creators are performers, painters, sculptors, architects, craftspeople, writers, actors, film makers and all those associated with film, musicians, speechmakers, artists, —-anything that is turned into something for enjoyment or entertainment or is decorative or useful, or decoratively useful. If you are part of creating something that was not there before, you are a creator.

Creation energies! Part Magician, High Priestess, 8 of Pentacles—yes, but also all the Pages, all the court cards… all the Aces… hell, most of the Wands! The cards can be read in a way that is directly for creators!

So here’s my first video. Be kind. LOL.

Cards drawn for the week of September 21-27:

(reversed) Two of Cups

The Sun

(reversed) 5 of Swords

Summary: The energies are good for creating.

The Two of Cups reminds us to do work that WE love, not just following what we think might be popular. Creating from a place of love, creating things YOU love, often translates to things others will love. Do the work that is meaningful to you in these dark, weird, chaotic days.

The Sun has two interpretations, I think, for creators. It tells us that energies are AWESOME to create with–and that we will have success, and that the sun is shining on our work. It reminds us to let our inner child out to play when creating–what would the child love? But also, I think about the impact our work has on others. These are depressing, angry, worrisome times to many. People are looking for hope and something positive. They are looking for joy. They are looking for The Sun card in their own life. Is there a way to create with the Sun embedded in your work somehow? Can your work bring a little joy? I’ve recently heard that publishers of short fiction are inundated with work that is virus-related, Covid-haunted, lockdown-induced–and depressing. They are aching for something positive, lighter, more joyful? Now, I know that may not be your thing—some artists do horror–but can you make us laugh too? I’m not talking about injecting a false sense of positivity, a toxic positivity in your work. Nope. We don’t need to deny our need to vent, our need to be angry right now, or our natural response of despair and sadness. But can you do something this week to spread a little joy AS a creator? If you don’t want to create joyful creations, can you make a video telling why you like scaring the fuck out of people! Just seeing the joy on your face, might be enough. Glee. Fun. Being a creator allows us the chance to escape into a world where we are completely in control of the creation (or completely in control of allowing it–the energies–to take control).

When I heard about RBG’s passing, I was hit hard (like many) but I found solace in creating her as a Justice card. I was able to leave this world, a little, and create something that brought me joy, and brought others joy. Can you explore that ability as a creator to live inside the energies, the creative pulse?

Lastly, the reversed 5 of Swords is about making amends, about reconciliation after a battle. As creators there’s a lot of drama in our chosen fields—people are always causing drama, and if you are on social media, it’s easy to get drawn into it. Can you escape that for awhile–find a way to let it go, to let the fighting end (for you)? Can you be a peacemaker with a collaborator or fellow artist that you’ve had disagreements with? Can you acknowledge that while the issues you have might be important, that surviving this pandemic and recovering from it are even more important, and we can only do this together? This may apply politically. I’m a huge fan of AOC and Friday she talked about hope in the wake of RBG’s death, about putting aside political differences with centrists–for right now–agreeing that these differences, these issues, are important, agreeing that she will be fighting after the election to get those issues recognized by Centrists, but not using them as an excuse for not voting for the Dem candidate. We will not always agree–but we know that there are bigger issues to fight together on. As creators, can we mend some fences with others? Can we band together for a larger common good? Can we contribute to the forces that are trying to right the nation–even if it is just the start? I’ve included AOC’s speech here for context. Think about it as a creator. Maybe you don’t like Centrists, or don’t like Progressives, or don’t like Democrats—you know that there is some common ground as humans, as Americans. Find this common ground, this week.

Published by jstueart

Jerome writes science fiction/ fantasy and queer fiction and has been published in many magazines and journals including The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Lightspeed, Fantasy, Tor.com, Strange Horizons. His first collection, The Angels of Our Better Beasts, was published in 2016 and was shortlisted for the Sunburst Award. His work was/is a finalist for the Eugie Award and the World Fantasy Award. He also makes art---acrylic paintings and small watercolor paintings. He holds a PhD in English and is currently working on an MA in Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He lived for 10 years in the Yukon Territory, but now lives in Columbus OH.

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